Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Azog's legion: part III

I continued working on Azog's legion and painted up a batch of warriors. Next in the painting queue: bolg, Azog and the Gundabd trolls.


Friday, March 26, 2021

Azog's Legion: part II

 I continued working on Azog's legion and added some Ogres and the keeper of the dungeons to the army. The Ogres are once more lovely Forgeworld sculpts full of expression. The keeper models is the old finecast one. 
I never like painting the old finecast. Always messy models and the details are often missing due to the poor quality. This keeper was no exeption. I'm looking forward to paint the new Forgeworld version :D

But next up are more Gundabad warriors!

Azog's Legion: part I

 With the new Gundabad warbats my interest in Azog's legion spiked once more. A few years ago I already started painting the army but the project got pushed back a few years. 

At this moment I have a painted Azog on foot, a warband of goblin mercenaries, 3 Gundabad berserkers and 10 Gundabad orcs from Norba miniatures. Norba = poor quality rip off. I already orderd more orignial orcs to swap them out :D.

So I made a new start and painted up four new Gundabats:

Friday, March 12, 2021

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Scouring of the Shire Campaign: part II

 We continued our Scouring of the Shire campaign over the last few months. I forgot to post an update and even to take a single picture of one of the games. So far evil had an advantage winning 2 games and a draw out of the 4 games in total.

Game 5: The mayor's arrest

The hobbits took their advantage by hurling rocks at the ruffians. A decimated ruffian force charged the hobbits but they were to few in numbers to intercept Will. A good victory!

Good 2 - 2 evil

The death of Lotho

A short game, the ruffians charged and took the advantage in the first few turns. Lotho seeing things go ill charged a ruffians which killed him outright. A draw!

Good 2 - 2 evil

The burning of Woody End

A lovely scenario and exciting till the last roll. One of the most balanced scenarios so far. Ruffians charges all across the board. The hobbits put on a fierce resistance reducing the ruffians in numbers.

In the first four turns already three buildings catched fire but the hobbits waited their time. They managed to succesfully put out one fire and keep defending a single house. On turn nine their luck sadly ran out and the last two building catched fire. Turn ten they also lost priority and the last few hobbits where charged leaving Woody End being burned to the ground

Good 2 - 3 evil

Uprooting of Bagshot Row

The hobbits started running towards the ruffians. The ruffians simply started picking them off with bowfire. In combat they overwhelmed the hobbit and won an easy game.

Good 2 - 4 evil

Arrest of Folco Boffin

Eight hobbits and Folco against the two sherriff heroes and another 12 sherriffs. There never was much hope, only a fools hope. Folco started running and almost saw a gap he could cross. But a heroic march and an heroic move in favor of the sherriffs ended his ambition. 

Good 2 - 5 evil

Monday, March 1, 2021

Last models for february

I finished u some cool Grimhammer models I had laying around. I painted the first six about four year ago. I finaly finished the rest of the warband. I'm hoping to gradualy expand this army and build me an army of Thror later this year.

I also finished up Barliman to join my hobbit forces.


Isengard part 13: More heroes


The latest progress on Dunland, I painted up the new Forgeworld heroes. Once again lovely models. Forgeword models are always a joy to paint.

My last orders for more Dunland infantery are still stuck in transport. Due to the Brexit they are already more then a month to late. So next up will be some random models and I will start working on Azog's legion.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Isengard part 12: Cavalry

An update on Dunland. I continued working on the army and painted up some cavalry. I started with Thrydan and two riders. 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Isengard part 11: Heroes and huscarls


I continued working on Dunland and finished the first batch of huscarls. Epic models and once again the detail of the Forgeworld casts is outstanding. A joy to paint!
I also continued with the leader of the army himself, Thrydan wolfsbane and a command pack. Next up the painting desk are some mounted models and more heroes!

In the near future another warband of warriors and wildmen will join the army.
The first army of 2021 is already for 50% finished :D.

Isengard part 10: Dunlanding warriors


I continued the Dunland army and painted up the core warriors. I love these metal models and GW did a great job in designing them. Next up: Huscarls and heroes!