Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Corsairs and Mordor

With the made to orders I finally managed to obtain some Morgul Stalkers. For some reason I always liked the models but never bought them. And when they went oop, they were always so expensive. But things can change.

I painted them up and they will see battle real soon!

I also made some more progress on my Corsair army. Last tournament held in Turnhout was a special one. You didn't had to bring an army. They were provided and randomised to the attending players. I got a Corsair army! I even managed to win the tournament.

First one this year ;).

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Gandalf the White and Pippin


I painted up my Gandalf the White model. I have to say it was the most difficult model to paint ever. So many shades of white! But I really like the result.

 I also painted the foot versions:

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A return to Middle Earth

I have been busy the last few weeks. I had one of the most beautiful experiences in my life, the birth of my firstborn son, Robrecht.

It took up most of my time and after finally finishing the afrikakorps I'm ready to return to Middle Earth.

I started with a bunch of new purchases and reordering the cabinets.

I managed to buy a few oop models that I still needed. By now, only 44 models remain and I have the complete collection!

I even obtained the rare Weathertop model:

Flames of War: Deutches AfrikaKorps (3)

The last part of the Afrikakorps army. I finished the last panzers, a platoon of 3 Pzkw IV.

And some Flak guns. The perfect anti aircraft and anti tank guns in the midwar range. I really like them. They dominate the table :D.

The finished army:

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Flames of War: Deutches AfrikaKorps (2)

Another Flames of War update. I added some more terror to the army in the form of two Tiger tanks.

Next up an Afrikakorps rifle platoon and HQ. They are equiped with an extra 6cm Mortar, 2,8 cm anti tank gun and a sMG 14 HMG.

Flames of War: Deutches AfrikaKorps (1)

Something new!

About a year ago I bought a Flames of War starterset for mid war.  I painted a few panzers and played some games. But with the release of late war and a full support of the game in our local shop things got serious.

I was still awainting the Corsair arbalesters I orderd, so I decided to take a detour and paint my full Afrikakorps.

I started where I left a few months ago, with my Pzkw III.

First platoon: uparmourd, 5cm guns

Second platoon: Uparmoured, 7,5cm guns

My army needed some punch against the Americans, so I added some Juncker JU 87's to the Army. Better known as the Stuka dive bombers:

Friday, June 14, 2019

Corsairs (part V)

Still waiting on some more corsair reavers that I orderd a few weeks ago (together with some made to order, yes my mistake). Meanwhile I painted up Râza the Serpent fang. Lovely model, a joy to paint. I'm really fond of Forgeworld models and I have to say that after painting a model from their range I really am reluctant to paint the older models.

I also got my hands on something special. I bought some of the unreleased metal corsair models from GW. A rare catch! I painted both of them up. Only problem is that the fit in so well with the other sculps, nobody noticed them :p

Friday, June 7, 2019

Gondor at war!

In the last few weeks we also continued our Gondor at war campaign and managed to get three games in. After a masacre at Pelargir the forces of Gondor needed a victory.

Faramir managed to get his men to safety after an easy victory in the Fall of Osgiliath scenario. Guritz and his Morannons stood no chance against the forces of Minas Tirith. They were overwhelmed before Gothmog could catch up.

Faramir raced towards the white city in the The white rider scenario. Being chased by the Nazgul, Gandalf rushed towards them. Turn one Faramir was sap willed and his horse already dead by a black dart. In the second turn the Nazgul smelled an easy victory and charged the son of Gondor after reducing him to one wound and no fate left. But Gandalf arrived. He charged the same Fell beast that had charged Faramir and the knights of Gondor rushed in, charging bravely into the combats as well.

A heroic strike from Gandalf combined with a heroic combat from Faramir and some charging knights turned the tables for good. The first Nazgul was slain and they charged the next one as well, it also died that turn. The last Nazgul died a few turns later while Faramir walked to Minas Tirith.

After we finished our meal Faramir prepared for his return to Osgiliath in Faramir's charge. They charged valiantly, only losing one horse to shooting. Could they retake the ruined city?

Gothmog rallied the defences and turn after turn they took the initiative and utterly destroyed Gondor's finest.

Corsairs (part IV)

More progress!
I finally finished the largest chunk of the army.

I started with some Corsair reaver conversions. I orderd some miniatures with a naked torso and started chopping. I kept the head and legs from the Corsair models and with some green stuff I created the following reavers. Not that bad for my first conversions and use of green stuff :D!

I also painted up the last of my archers:

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A small update

I made a little progress on the corsairs and painted up 7 arbalesters. Next on the painting table are some archers and corsair reavers.

We also continued the Gondor at War campaign. Scenario three saw an easy victory for evil. The rangers of Gondor stood no chance against the hordes of Haradrim.
A first victory for evil!

Last thursday we played the forth scenario, the raiding of Pelargir. The corsairs swarmed the poor clansmen by suprise and after three turns most of the building where on fire and two already burned down. The clansmen renewed their defences and started slaughtering the corsairs. The corsair started fleeing back to their ships. But it was already to late and a third building burned down. Another victory for evil. 2vs2 for now.

I also started  combining Minas Tirith and the Fiefdoms into an all mounted army list. With great succes for their first two games. Easterlings were slaughterd in the first game and even Isengard stood no chance.