Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A small update

I made a little progress on the corsairs and painted up 7 arbalesters. Next on the painting table are some archers and corsair reavers.

We also continued the Gondor at War campaign. Scenario three saw an easy victory for evil. The rangers of Gondor stood no chance against the hordes of Haradrim.
A first victory for evil!

Last thursday we played the forth scenario, the raiding of Pelargir. The corsairs swarmed the poor clansmen by suprise and after three turns most of the building where on fire and two already burned down. The clansmen renewed their defences and started slaughtering the corsairs. The corsair started fleeing back to their ships. But it was already to late and a third building burned down. Another victory for evil. 2vs2 for now.

I also started  combining Minas Tirith and the Fiefdoms into an all mounted army list. With great succes for their first two games. Easterlings were slaughterd in the first game and even Isengard stood no chance.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Corsairs (part II)

An update on my corsair project. I finished the next eight warriors, Delgamar en Dalamyr:

I really love the forgeworld models. Delgamar was once again a joy to paint with lots of details. Looking foreward to more forgeworld stuff! A shire army comes up to mind :D.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

A new dawn

"Come on, you sea rats, get off your ship"

Once again it has been a while. But I have been buzy the last few weeks and enjoyed a long holliday in Egypt.

I made some more progress and started with a nex army, the corsairs of Umbar.
I started with the first eight warriors and some commanders and gave some of the models some small conversions like a hook or a little parrot:

In between I painted the priority token from the new three hunters set:

And I finished Grishnakh. The model was lying around on my hobby desk for more than a year now: