Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2018: recap

2018 has come to a close! I accomplished for the second year in a row my yearly goals:
  • Painting more lotr models then I buy 
  • Buying more lotr models then Games workshop releases.
  • Painting at least 100 models
In total I painted 168 Lotr models, 68 more then in 2017. The fact that I just bought a house which I'm renovating makes this figures even more strange. although I cheated a bit with a quickly painted goblin town army :p.

In total I have 2283 models in my collection and 1351 of them are painted. I'm still 70 models off a complete collection. 

This year I will once more set the same goals as last year but add another one: finishing the mancave!

I already started with cleaning it up a bit:

Some display cases, I still need to arrange them and buy some more shelves:

View from the other side. The table in the middle is multifunctional. It has a billiard golf table inside or I can turn the tabletop and it is just a normal table.

Still need to sort some stuff out and fix the lightings.

Some extra storage:

And my compact painting station. I paint downstairs because the wife doesn't like it if I would spend all spare time in the mancave 馃槢.
And as you can see at the moment  I'm working on a new Mumak.