Sunday, November 25, 2018

Dol Amroth for Gondor!

Dol Amroth for Gondor: Part 2/2

I still had a lot of cavalry laying around and I decided to finally paint them. 
The first four plastic knights:

Their older metal friends:

And the last two plastic knights. I magnetised their arms so the can change their equipement. I can swap the lances for a banner or a trumpet.

With them finished, my fiefdoms collection is all painted up (for now!). I used the army quite succesful at the lasted tournament. Winning two out of three games. But I don't think they can be tournament winners on their one.
And I'me still trying to figure out how to use the mounted knights to their fullest. I have a couple of ideas that will need playtesting first.

Dol Amroth for Gondor!

Dol Amroth for Gondor: part 1/2

I've been buzy the last few weeks. I ame still renovating the house so my hobby time is limited.
But finally I made some progress on the next project.

I bought these awesome Dol Amroth models at Ardacon. They are just perfect. A lot of possibilities and so many details on the models themself. A real joy to paint!

The first two without helmet so I can always use one of them as a captain if I have to.

The banner and the trumpeteer. They will be the perfect dismounts for their mounted twins.

And another two knights:

One last group picture:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The fellowship of the miniatures Oberonn adventure 11/10/2018

Charge of the Rohirrim

Last week we played the first scenario " Charge of the Rohirrim" from the battle of the Pelennor fields boxset. We added Theoden and Gothmog to spice things up a bit.

I played with the Morannon orcs and Jasper took on his trusted Rohirrim. The Morannons spread out to stop the Rohirrim:

The lines clashed in the middle, after two rounds of manouvering.

Gothmog decided to finish off some Rohirrim. Killing two models at once would give me the advantage.

But... he didn't. He failed twice...
The Rohirrim ignored him and ran across the board killing off all Morannons who opposed them.

Conclusion: Short game and an easy win for the Rohirrim. Gothmog and Theoden are a nice addition but it makes the Rohan force even stronger in this scenario.

The scenario is a good starter for new players to get a hang on the game and the movement fase just as intended with this starterset. Not that much interesting for experienced players, but I still want to play through the booklet and give every scenario a try.

Next up:"Theodens last stand"

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The battle of the Pellenor fields: finishing the Morannon army

The Morannon update:

I started this hobby after seeing the Return of the king at the movie theater. From that moment I loved the battle of the Pelennor fields and I started my collection with a Minas Tirith army.

The new battle of the Pelennor fields scenario speaks to the imagination. So I set myself a new goal: to collect and paint all the models I need for the scenario.

First update: the Morannon orc heroes.

Guritz and Gothmogs enforcer. I bought them at Ardacon. Lovely models and Guritz will definetly be seen on the battlefield.

I also painted up Gothmog foot and mounted. I love his new rules. He will probably be the centerpiece in every Morannon orc army.

And at last I painted up the remaining commanders I had laying around.

Next up will be the knights of Dol Amroth and some additions to the army of the dead.

I also have to do something on my photo quality. I will probably try to construct a lightbox.

Until next time!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

I'me going on an adventure!

Yesss! I'm back.

After more than two years on facebook i'm moving back to our old blog.
Rest assured, we will keep our facebookpage up to date. I will just use the blog more as a personal project.

To be honest, I have missed the blog. I always liked scrolling down through the posts from years past. A few weeks ago we held our annual tournament and I was looking for some pics of the older tournaments; sadly on facebook everything gets lost through time. So I ended up on this blog again and realised everything from the past is still here and accessible after all this time.

As I ame writing this, I'me sitting in my new home at an improvised hobby table (aka the not daily used part from the dining table. Upstairs is my hobby room, a nice big room claimed for the glory of Gondor. Everything still packed in boxes waiting to be sorted out. It will probably take me another good few months until everything is settled.

So this new start for the blog is also the start for my very own man cave. I will keep you posted through the progess!