Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The fellowship of the miniatures Oberonn adventure 11/10/2018

Charge of the Rohirrim

Last week we played the first scenario " Charge of the Rohirrim" from the battle of the Pelennor fields boxset. We added Theoden and Gothmog to spice things up a bit.

I played with the Morannon orcs and Jasper took on his trusted Rohirrim. The Morannons spread out to stop the Rohirrim:

The lines clashed in the middle, after two rounds of manouvering.

Gothmog decided to finish off some Rohirrim. Killing two models at once would give me the advantage.

But... he didn't. He failed twice...
The Rohirrim ignored him and ran across the board killing off all Morannons who opposed them.

Conclusion: Short game and an easy win for the Rohirrim. Gothmog and Theoden are a nice addition but it makes the Rohan force even stronger in this scenario.

The scenario is a good starter for new players to get a hang on the game and the movement fase just as intended with this starterset. Not that much interesting for experienced players, but I still want to play through the booklet and give every scenario a try.

Next up:"Theodens last stand"

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