Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Battle Companies: Dale

I'm still working on my new battlle company... The captain (model- finecast captain of dale) is finished, although I could'nt put in much detail. gues I spraypainted the model a bit too heavy. Then there are the two swordmen of Dale. 

I also finished a merchant Guard. I just love these models. They have such good 'chop' rules and are nice to paint.

Still working on a rider of Khand and 4 more warriors of Dale.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mordor part one and some random stuff

This month I had some real hobby time. I started painting the first parts of my new Mordor army. These twelve Morannon orcs will be led by Shagrad, captain of Cirith Ungol who I painted some time ago. At the moment another warband of Morannon orcs and a great beast of Gorgoroth are sitting on the painting table

I also finished some random miniatures that where laying around for some months with already some paint on them. First, some orc trackers. Excellent miniatures to feed Kardush the firecaller ;).

An Uruk-hai banner:

And a captain of Dol Amroth:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Battle Companies - Dale

I prepared my Dale Battle Company. Still got them to paint though. I used some scenic bases to create the effect of the ruined city of Dale. This battle company follows the events of the passing of Smaug, scattering the army and people of Dale over the Desolation.

In other news. I really got sacked last week with Khand. But (no thx to our Great Overseer) somehow the dice granted me some after-battle luck. I ended the night with 10 members and started it with 7...

Khandish Warriors (Morgun's Walkers with cursed dice in the background ;-)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Inventory and Dunedain

Another free saturday so I decided it was time to update my miniature inventory and clean my mini storage. It took me a lot longer then I figured it would and I should make a long walk of shame. The number of unpainted models is simply to high. Not all of the models are fully unpainted, but have been sitting half finished in a army carrier for a long time. If you want to have a look at my shame, just follow this link.

After seeing the enormous pile of bare metal, plastic, resin,..... I went to my paint table to get the pile done one mini at a time ;). So for this weeks Paint Table Saturday I finished my Dunedain model for a Shire Battle Company. Pictures can be found below. Until next time

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Battle Companies Barad-dûr & Minas Tirith

My Battle Companies starting forces:


Minas Tirith

More work...

In line with my entry for the Battle Companies season 2014-2015, I extended my collection with the range of Lake- Town. ( Lake Towan Spearmen, Bowmen, swordsmen, Captain, alfrid the counseller and the Master of Laketown)
I also took the possibility of buying the goblin King with throwing goblin as in game - he does'nt seem to to anything else. That is at least when I have to fight him. ;-)
And then there is Burdur the Hill Troll chieftain which arrived full metal while I expected him to be plastic!

Still a lot of painting to do. Butr Looking forward!