Thursday, October 4, 2018

I'me going on an adventure!

Yesss! I'm back.

After more than two years on facebook i'm moving back to our old blog.
Rest assured, we will keep our facebookpage up to date. I will just use the blog more as a personal project.

To be honest, I have missed the blog. I always liked scrolling down through the posts from years past. A few weeks ago we held our annual tournament and I was looking for some pics of the older tournaments; sadly on facebook everything gets lost through time. So I ended up on this blog again and realised everything from the past is still here and accessible after all this time.

As I ame writing this, I'me sitting in my new home at an improvised hobby table (aka the not daily used part from the dining table. Upstairs is my hobby room, a nice big room claimed for the glory of Gondor. Everything still packed in boxes waiting to be sorted out. It will probably take me another good few months until everything is settled.

So this new start for the blog is also the start for my very own man cave. I will keep you posted through the progess!

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