In the past we played Warhammer Fantasy and boardgames. Werner Kellens started collecting some lotr miniatures by Battle Games in Middle-earth (BGiME) in about the year 2005 but stopped because he didn’t know anybody with the same hobby.
But end 2011 when he met Pieter Commerman - who was collecting a lot of lotr miniatures already but didn’t have anybody who played it or share the same hobby - everything changed. They played several games and decided to start playing, painting, collecting lotr miniatures (and became friends).

They convinced some other Warhammer Fantasy and boardgames to start playing by the game system Battle Companies (start with a little army). The years after they met 2 / 3 times a month at Oberonn our local gaming store where they essentially played the game.

In 2014 we started with our ‘real’ gaming club ‘The Fellowship of the Miniatures’. We got some new members, a painting challenge, etc Now we also paint and collect together. We are also organizing tournaments, painting classes and this all in the Middle Earth settings