Pieter Commerman (member since 2011)
I discoverd TableTop Gaming in a very unusual way. While I was building a maquette for our house in 2003! I kind of stumbled upon the BGME from Deagostini and was sold on the spot.I began collecting and painting and playing in Hasselt. But life, building my own house ,work and my other hobbies put the things on a very low priority for about 6 years. 
With the release of War of the Ring I started painting and collecting again.
But it was in 2011 - when a mutual friend introduced me to Werner Kellens - the hobby really grew. By playing & painting together, discussing 'trivial' things as colour picking or painting techniques, we discovered a mutual passion for 'little metal men', as they are often called. 
Since 2011, our hobby (and my collection) grew and grew to about a staggering 1500 miniatures today, of which I still have to paint about 80% ;-). Today, I became more of a painter than a player.

Werner Kellens (member since 2011)
I started getting interested by the deagostini magazine and since then it has become my main hobby. I'm a big 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' fan. The most of this hobby I like is the painting and playing scenario's (or point battles with fluff armies). And of course this Fellowship!

Peter Doucé (member since 2012)
I started playing & painting a Warhammer Fantasy dwarf army around 2000 but they've been joined by many other armies (or single miniatures I liked) including 2 Lord of the Rings teams (Isengard & Rohan). Painting and scenery is my main focus the past few years but I still try to play a game sometimes.

Dylan Cloosen (member since 2012)
I started playing back in 2003 with the return of the king starter set. I got the set for my eleventh birthday. After three year I quit the hobby, to rediscover it in 2012, just before the Hobbit came out. I love to collect, paint en play the game. Minas Tirith along with the Fiefdoms are my favorite armies and my main goal is to collect at least one of every lotr miniature ever produced.

Stefaan Fabri (member since 2013)
Painter, collector, gamer, sometimes caster, scenery builder, converter and much enjoying the gaming evenings with friends.

Kevin Claeys (member since 2014)
Love the collecting and gaming. Painting not so much!

Yve Lenaerts (member since 2015)
How should i start? I'm a member of the Fellowship that loves to paint but also loves to play the game. My painting is not quite as good as some of the other members but i like to try out new colours for models. I'm a bit controversial on this but i like to get creative with this.

Timothy Jacobs (member since 2015)
A Very open minded person, who is prepared to meet new people, having a great time, collecting armies, talking about tolkien lore and LOTR & Hobbit movies, Also somebody who doenst like to paint ( considering that his partner does that for him ), and somebody who is always in search for something new ( that he offers out of his own or brought up by other members).

Jasper Gregoor (member since 2015)
I collect de lotr miniaturs since the first movie came out in the cinema. I play the game since return of the king and afterwards the intrest in wargames kept growing till my collection of rulebooks it is today.

Pieter-Jan Dirkx (member since 2015)
After years of hesitating, I finally made the jump to get involved in this game in 2015. So I am but a beginner trying to make his way trough this beautiful game, mastering the different aspects en strategies this game has to offer. Favorite faction? I don't know yet, but I am particularly fond of Dwarves because of Tolkien's lore. Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu!

Wim De Hondt (member since 2015)
Great lotr-fan and recently rediscovered the hobby. Love the wargaming part of it!

Yannick Theunissen (member since 2015)
There is only one Lord of the Ring, only one who can bend it to his will. And I do not share power.