Monday, August 25, 2014

The Fellowship of the Miniatures Oberonn Adventure (21/08/2014)

Last Thursday we had another gameday. We were only with three so Peter decided to reduce his backlog meanwhile Ben and I played a game. We rolled for lords of battle and as usual we used 500 pts armies.

The uruk-hai scouts started crossing the river:

Beregonds warband oversees the battle:

Damrod and his rangers decimating the advancing orcs with their bowfire:

At the same moment, Peter is reducing his backlog:

Boromir charged into Lurz and some Uruk-hai. Luckely the (white) dice were in my favor:

Cirion and Beregond drove the scouts back into the river:

It was a nice but strange game. Last time the same scout army crushed my Gondor army. Now it was the other way around. The rangers of Gondor performed really well. Also Boromir was on a rampage, never lost a single combat in the game. He even killed Lurtz, Ugluk and about 10 orcs with four might remaining.
My favourite model, with a reason ;)