Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Update: ent+eagle+galadhrim painted

I had a few days off, so in the spare time I have painted some more. Pictures taken with phone, so the colorbalance is not perfect at all. Certainly the galadhrim have more lively colors in real

Great eagle



With the galadhrim, I did someting special. I have put magnets in the hoods of the spear- and swordsmen. I have also made extra shields and bows (moulded from the galadhrim knights box) and put magnets on them. And put magnets in some of the arms to be able to swap them with banners. So now I can fully customise these galadhrim to what I might need in game. Really handy! The magnets are rare earth magnets of 2x1mm and are really strong. And I obviously still need to base these guys.

 Front view

Back view. Try to find the magnets hidden in the hoods!

Same guys again, equiped with shields

And now they have got bows

2 spearmen

And now these spearmen have got banners

the real bowmen, without magnets

The total that I painted this week of the galadhrim:

Next up: radagast on eagle, some galadhrim heroes and the mirkwood rangers!

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