Tuesday, June 2, 2015

mirror of galadriel+nasgul update

A little update of my work, I finished the mirror of galadriel. I really liked to paint it because it has so much detail. Drybrushing a few greytones and a green wash gave this result:

And now the biggest thing, the 8 named ringwraiths (witchking is available) I moulded from the mounted pose to put them on a fellbeast. The result is not perfect but good enough to see which one it is. I'll paint them up in a few weeks time probably together with the foot and mounted poses. I also still need to magnetise them and find some more plastic fellbeasts.

The dark marshall

The betrayer

The shadow lord

The undying

The tainted

The dwimmerlaik

The knight of umbar

Khamul the easterling

And ofcourse the witch-king of angmar! He is the metal model I painted up long ago and could use a new paintjob.

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