Saturday, August 15, 2015

There and back again..... Sort of...

Hi guys! It's me! Ben!!
Me, Ben!!

Ah it's good to be back on the bloggosphere!! As you may (or not, whatever) have noticed, I've been away from the bloggosphere for some time. Life, summer, stuff happened. Summer is still here, kinda, stupid rain, but I thought a new blog post was long overdue. So here I am. So let's get down to business.
As you all should know by now, we got our second Fellowship painting challenge going on!! You can find all the information needed here. If you still would like to participate. There is still time!!! Don't hesitate to join!!
Ass less people know, my entry for this year is Bert the troll, from The Hobbit range. Before you ask, no, I won't be doing the other two as well. Atleast not for this challenge. I have actually started work on the model, but I forgot to take some pictures during assembly. I went with a zenital undercoating approach. First black primer, then white primer from the top. The pictures below aren't that good, lighting was bad when I took them, but they where taken right after the first couple of layers of skin basecoat. Currently I have allready applied a little of shading, but that will be for a future post.

As if one painting challenge wasn't enough, I have also entered in our annual Golden Goblin painting challenge. This year we are painting a Warhammer 40K Orc Killa Kan. Why a Killa Kan you ask? Well that has something to do with a little participation game we are making for this years Crisis Fair. You can find more information about our "Killa Kan Klash" on our recently overhauled forums and also on our, soon to be, fully renewed website. There are also some Killa Kan Plogs on the forums, including mine. If you would like to join the GGPC 2015, simply register on our forums and apply, rules in English are coming soon for those who's Dutch isn't all that. 

In other Golden Goblin club news, some crazy folks are starting a Warhammer 40K Kill Team Campaign. The Storm of Iocanthe. I advice everyone to go and read the background stories they are coming up with. Really cool stuff!! While you're over there, be sure to check out their plog's asswell.

Well that's enough for a coming back post. Untill next time!!