Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crisis 2015: An Unexpected Journey

Today was a good day, today was a great day, today was crisis. Crisis is a miniature convention organised by the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp. We, some members of our fellowship of the ring gaming group, went to the convention, hoping to find some new treasures.

At first we didn't find much lord of the rings stuff in the part where they sold second hand miniatures. Mostly some overpriced Deagostini miniatures.

After this minor setback we started exploring the convention. We found this beautifully painted Gollum:

And some handcrafted panels showing the map of middle-earth:

We also met GBHL Jamie promoting Guildball:

And the Perry twins:

I asked them about the Hobbit range and the battle of the five armies and they told me that they sculpted a whole dwarf range. So the miniatures exist, but will GW ever release them?

We also found another lotr gaming group. They have developed their own rules system and use it to play massive battles:

And I also found a stand with 50% discount on the original GW prices for out of production blisters. I literally looted the place. My hurl of the day:

Werners hurl (he let the Perry's sign his box of warriors of Dale):

And the goody bag. (Some nice Romans from Warlord Games, a sprue accessories and a Jean de Coster, some random dude from the battle of Waterloo :-p

A great day, a great loot and I will definitely return next year.