Friday, February 1, 2019

Gondor at war: Defence of Osgiliath

"Something is about to happen, wich has not happened for an age..."
We finally have our first new source book since ages, I can't even recall the release of the last one. And what a supplement! New models, new profiles, legendary legions and a grand new campaign. 

I started this game with the release of the return of the king starterset and the battle of the Pelennor fields is my favorite piece of lore ever since.

I always wanted to play a major battle with thousands of points of models and already painted up large Gondor, Mordor, Fiefdoms and Haradrim hosts. I checked all the scenario's and I still need to paint about 30 models and a corsair army to play through all the scenario's. 
(With the support of my friend Jaspers Rohan army and a few proxies for half of the 24 clansmen ;) )

So my targets for this year are very clear now: paint up all the models needed and play through the grand campaign.

We already started with the first scenario: Defence of Osgiliath

I will command the legions of the White city for this campaign.

A few pictures of the battle:

Turn three: the orcs advanced on the right flank and I decided to give up the flank instantly, focusing my small army on the center. I figured a strong defence position could give me the upper hand.

Turn 5: Gondor stood firm, slaughtering wave after wave of orcs 

Turn 8: disaster struck. Orcs advancing from the left flank where reaching the objective there. Meanwhile some orcs made it to the fountain and destroyed the objective.

The last two turns where a race towards the last objective. Eventually Damrod saved the day with a heroic move consolidating the objective for the last turn.
Faramir survived granting the forces of good a first victory.

Next up: Retaking of Osgiliath!

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