Monday, January 6, 2020

2019: Recap

And 2019 came to a close.

Time to see if I realised my goals. As every year the goal is to:
  • Paint more lotr models than I buy
  • Buy more lotr models than Games workshop releases.
  • Paint at least 100 models

In total I painted 182 Lotr models, 14 more than in 2018. An absolute record for myself.
 I have 2505 models in my collection and 1510 of them are painted. I'm only 8 models off a complete collection.

So I painted more than 100 models and definiatly bought more models lotr than GW and Forgeworld released. Due to the rereleases I bought 222 new models. A lot more than I painted so I failed that goal. 

I also stated that I would try to finish the mancave but then the baby happend!

2020 will be epic! I will keep the main three goals but will also try to hunt dowm the last 8 models!

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