Sunday, November 16, 2014

Painttable Satursunday?

Painttable Saturday!!! On a Sunday.

As some of you may know we are having a little painting challenge due November 27th. If you didn't, well shame on you!, and now you do! My entry is Gandalf the Grey on Cart. Ever since I saw that particular scene in The Fellowship Of The Ring I wanted to own and paint that miniature. I had it lying around for years, but never seem to have gotten around to painting it. That's why I jumped on the bandwagon and entered with this model.

So with time running low I started assembling the model and basecoating Gandalf last weekend. I still have the old metal one and as with all Games Workshop metal models this one was a breeze to assemble. All the parts fit nicely and needed no touching up. If you didn't get the sarcasm in the last statement, you haven't been around in this hobby long enough ;). So after a long struggle during the course of last week, the cart was assembled and primed.

I'm quite satifisfied with my progress up to this point. Gandalf is 95% done and the cart is getting basecoated. I still believe I can finish in time! Well enough talk, below some WIP pictures. All comments and suggestions are welcome as allways!

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