Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crisis 2014

I have not been really active on the blogosphere lately and neither have I been working on my huge backlog either. But I have been busy working on a hobby project.

Every year the Tin Soldiers Of Antwerp organize a miniature fair called Crisis. More info can be found here. Also every year my local club, the Golden Goblins, have a special project for Crisis. So that is where most of my available hobby time has been going to. So for those of you who did not had the chance to check out our project at Crisis, I present you "Shipwreck Cove"

More pictures will be posted on our Flickr account once they reach us :). So feel free to check 'em out and be sure to check back later for more. Our Golden Goblin Flickr page can be found here

Offcourse a trip to Crisis would not be complete without some loot. So below are some pictures of the stuff I bought. More bare metal for the backlog. Or atleast after I strip some of them ;)

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