Friday, October 31, 2014

New battle box project + Painting Challenge

Hi all

In the last post I talked about the Dale Battle Box, which I finally finished. Last week I played a game and though I eventually lost (yeah, tons of reasons: battle companies, 2 soldiers missing next game, old battle wound blah blah blah, bad dice, headache, you know), I could apreciate the 4/4+ fight score. And as you can see in the pic the color scheme (which? ;-) ) scares the orcs. 

I mainly started a dale battle company 'cause not many people choose for it. It's almost the same as minas tirith with better stats, more colors and the option to include erebor dwarfs (which have Defence 7 (with shield). 

Anyway, I started a new battle Box project (1 of 2) with erebor dwarfs. When it's finished I can add 24 erebor dwarfs to my dwarven legion, which gives me some versatility in models. 

In between I finished a rider of Khand. I chose it to have an Elven Color scheme c-because they are mainly hired recruits, fighting for no particular cause

Happy painting!

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