Friday, October 24, 2014

Finally Finished - Dale Battle Box

Due to some unexpected complications in my personal life I didn't have much time to paint. So my backlog only grew (more on that later). But at least I finished this box.
Overall, the models were good cast, but the faces (especially the captain) were 'stretched'.

 I did not follow the GW painting guide, so the company has more are less a 'grab and run (before the dragon arrives) vestibule. . 

Anyway, in the end, they are all boxed ;-)

And then someone decided to play my weakness by giving 50% on all LOTR boxed.... 
New arrivals:
- 6 morgul knighs
- 12 haradrim warriors
- 12 warriors of erebor
- 12 dwarf warriors
- 12 hunter orcs
- 1 balrog plastic