Friday, December 12, 2014

Visiting Edoras in 2015

In 2015 I'm going to visit Edoras a lot. I'm a big fan of the Rohan realm and I've a lot Rohan miniatures so it's time to get started. I'm going to this in little steps because I want also to paint some miniatures from 'The Hobbit' range.

I also want to improve my basing, so any tips are welcome.
I'm first going to paint one warband to ally with Minas Tirith (250 army). But by the end I want a 250 Rohan army.

Because I'm more a painter then a gamer I chose interesting miniatures instead of a winning army ;-)

Warriors of Rohan
Riders of Rohan
Of course I've to include the Basic troops ;-)

Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark
"What business does an elf, man, and a dwarf have in the Ridder-Mark? Speak quickly."

Éowyn, Shield Maiden of Rohan
"The women of this country learned long ago, those without swords can still die upon them. I fear neither death nor pain. "

Meriadoc, Knight of the Mark
"I offer you my service, Theoden King. "

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