Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My first tournament

So Saturday I played my first tournament in about ten years.
750 points, and three games: Reconnoitre, Domination and to the death.

I took the following Gondor army:

Warband 1 9/12
Faramir, Captain of Gondor with armoured horse; Heavy armour; Lance; Shield
9 Knight of Minas Tirith with Shield

Warband 2 12/12
Madril, Captain of Ithilien
6 Warrior of Minas Tirith with Shield
6 Ranger of Gondor with Spear

Warband 3 12/12
Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien
6 Warrior of Minas Tirith with Shield
6 Ranger of Gondor with Spear

Warband 4 12/12
6 Warrior of Minas Tirith with Shield
2 Ranger of Gondor with Spear
1 Ranger of Gondor
1 Citadel Guard with Spear
2 Guard of the Fountain Court with Shield

Warband 5
Boromir of Gondor with horse

I wanted to take some in game pictures, but I completely forgot them in the action. I only took a few photo's after the games. The first game we played on the following battlefield:

I faced a dwarfen host with a very scary amount of heroes

Mounted Dwalin and a warband of dwarves
Floi and a warband
Dwarf captain and a warband, incl banner
And a mounted Bombur.

So first game reconnoitre,
Deployment, I really rolled terrible. It was up to me to deploy first. My main host came up in the south. Madril, Beregond en Boromir.
Damrod came from the north west en Faramir from the north east, everything was scattered
My opponent had more luck and his whole host came up behind Faramir. Only Dwalin entered from the south east.
First turn I started to run to the middle, It was the only priority roll I would win in the whole game. The main host advanced at half speed so I could still shoot.
The dwarfs started running after Faramir and a perfect sorcerous blast from Saruman dismounted Faramir and three knights
Meanwhile I killed Dwalin's pony and another dwarf.

The second turn was more of the same, I still kept running, but some of the knights charged the dwarfs to keep Faramir safe. Dwarf archers positioned themselves on the opposing hill from my main force and started a shooting battle. Dwalin advanced and my main force prepared for combat the following turn.
Some deaths on both sides followed. And I must say those few knights performed really well against the dwarfs.

Next turn the forces clashed. Dwalin's warband engaged my main force. His main host charged Faramir's warband. Boromir called a heroic fight, killing four dwarfs in only one turn. And again my knights performed well, killing more dwarfs then dwarfs could kill knights.

The forth turn was more of the same, with deaths on both sides. Boromir won the fight against Dwalin but couldn't kill him. I was killing more dwarfs, then the dwarfs were killing men. I was getting the upper hand!

In the fifth turn, Damrod finally arrived in the center of the action. He secured the objective by putting his whole warband in front of it. Meanwhile Faramir retreated, to join forces with Damrod.
My main force was also advancing. Boromir and Dwalin where again facing each other. My archers had almost destroyed the opposing dwarf archers. Dwalin died and the enemy was broking.

The game lasted a few more turns, but the dwarfs just never could go through all those warriors defending the objective. The game ended with a 21-2 victory, a major victory to me :D

In the second game I completely forgot to take some pictures, The only photo I have is the following:

This Amon hen centerpiece was standing on the top of a hill, with a lot of wood surrounding it.

The second game, domination, was against a mordor army. The witchking on fellbeast, Buhrdur and three barrow wrights leading 4 warbands of mordor orcs and some spectres and another warband of orc trackers.

I really feared this army, The Nasgul could easily take out Boromir and nothing what I could bring on the table would match Buhrdur.
So I started the game on a defencive position. His heroes and some of the orcs where advancing. But most of them kept behind rocks or other terrain. Meanwhile my rangers and the trackers where in a shootout.
This game was really a short one. The first game took longer then the one hour and a half. So this one was even a bit shorter.
As I thought, the withking went straight after Boromir, and Buhrdur was on a rampage. After a few turns, Boromir died and my rangers decimated his trackers. Else where some casualties on both sides.

But the next turn was mine. With the witchking's might almost depleted, Faramir and my knights charged the witchking, meanwhile Madril and my warriors surrounded Buhrdur. My warriors started advancing in the middle and the right front. Left the rest of the knights started heading to the objectives.
The witchking died, as did Buhrdur. The battle was mine, I had an advantage in numbers, in strength and in heroes.

Then disaster struck, it was the last turn. I tried to take as much objectives as possible but it was to late. His two objectives where uncontested, he had more orcs in the middle and at the last moment he managed to get one orc within the three inch from one of my two objectives.
But I have to say, my opponent played well, very well. And it was his intention to delay me from the beginning.

The game ended with a 7-10 loss. A minor loss, but only one more turn would have changed the outcome.

The third game, to the death!

I was selected against an army of elves.
Thranduil leading a warband of palace guard
Tauriel leading mirkwood rangers
And legolas leading some wood elves, a banner and three sentinels

Again a board with lots of terrain, this could make things difficult. I counted his bows, I counted mine. And it was perfect, I could out shoot him, but terrain was still in the way.

I had to deploy the first warband and I placed it in the front line, evading the terrain but also trying to convince my opponent that I would come straight after him. Afterwards my opponent placed his first warband, nicely in the back. Exactly where I wanted him. We continued placing the warbands in this way and finally I placed my knights in the back, as a backup.

I had the first priority, did nothing and watched my opponent advance a bit. The bow fire was devastating, killing four elves. No men died that turn.
The second turn he advanced some more, Thranduil channeled his aura of dismay and the sentinels made it difficult for my archers. Again some deaths from bow fire on both sides.

The third turn I tried to charge them. Tried because, I failed to many courage tests to have the advantage. Faramir charged in, trying to get some easy kills. Thranduil channeled his nature's wrath and Faramir tried to resist it. My roll: double three's. And I used all my might to resist the nature's wrath. In the shooting face, Legolas killed Faramir's horse.
But things did go well that turn. Even with the higher fight value and the banner rerolls the elves did not much damage. I killed more elves, then the elves killed men.

The next two turns where more of the same, his archers joined the fight. I also sent in some cavalry. Boromir was still overseeing the combat.

Next turn would be the last. I had broken him but he still had the banner. So it would end a 5-1 minor victory if things stayed this way. He tried to retreat his models, those who where not trapped. So I made a gape in my formation and rushed Boromir in, in the front line.
Combat would be interesting. Legolas was trapped, Tauriel, Madril and Boromir called all three a heroic combat, Thranduil a heroic strike. He still thought I was after Thranduil.
I won the roll off. Madril fluffed his heroic combat. Boromir killed two elves and charged the the banner bearer and the elf next to him. Tauriel killed her opponent and charged Boromir.We kept this battle as the last battle. The elves where exterminated across the battlefield, Legolas died also. In the last battle Boromir won, used 4 might to kill the banner, the elf and even Tauriel.

6-1 Another major victory.

So I ended the tournament on a second place. The guy who won against me in the second game became first.

It was an awesome experience and I will definitely play some more tournaments.

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