Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The fiefdoms

The fiefdoms:

I made some progress on my fiefdom force. I started painting the Swan knights. The first seven are ready.

Next up was a banner bearer and I also gave Imrahil a new paint job:

The clansmen of Lamedon where next. I finished three of them:

Angbor and the other three are still standing on the painting desk. I made some progress but still a lot needs to be done:

I also started with the faces of the mounted command:

 Not fiefdoms, but I finished Faramir a while back for my first tournament:

I recently bought some more fiefdom troops. A box of plastic Swan Knights, four mounted metal Swan Knights, three on foot and twelve men-at-arms. I made a picture of all my men-at-arms. I can't wait to paint them :)

And a final group shot of my painted fiefdom troops:

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