Sunday, September 13, 2015

Counting the collection

My time as a student has come to an end. I moved out of my studio to our new apartment, my fiancee and me. I finally have a decent space to store all of my lotr stuff :D. I cataloged my entire collection just last year, but after a while I lost track, due to the lack of space and the rising amount of miniatures. All the moving and unboxing, together with a brand new built Ikea table made the perfect opportunity to catalogue the collection once again. I took some pictures of the process.

All my unboxed miniatures

 From the other side of the table:

The stuff still in boxes:

 And the miniatures I still need to paint:

Last year I also made a picture of the miniatures still needed to paint:

The backlog definitely grew but not at the same pace the amount of miniatures has grown. I now have 1431 miniatures and 504 still await painting. So in one year time 300 new recruits joined the ranks, and of course, as usual, more are being shipped to me at this very moment :).