Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Enormous wings (second update smaug)

I bought an airbrush, practiced on a few horses and afterwards decided to use it on smaug. I have first highlighted smaug with white, and afterwards started painting the wings. I used doombull brown,  khorne red and highlghted afterwards with evil sunz scarlet.

The wings are obviously not finished yet, but I think it's already a nice base to start the standard painting on.

Smaug, based black and highlighted white as a basecoat

A very detailed miniature!

Painted mix of khorne red+doombull brown+black and afterwards khorne red+doombull brown

Highlighted with chorne red
Highlighted with evil sunz scarlet

The pictures don't do the colors justice, as in real life the colors go from a darker brown/red to more orange/red highlights.