Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Battle At The Mines Of Oberonn - An impression

Last Saturday we had our very first Lord Of The Rings / Hobbit tournament. The Battle at the Mines Of Oberonn. Not the least bit inspired by a certain scene from a certain movie ;)

Below you can find a little report of the tournament through my eyes. I heard quite a few mmm's and oooohhh's during the day, saw a lot of smiling faces and some quirky dice rolls. So I will keep to the basics as it is impossible to get into detail of every battle.

We were very pleased that we had 14 attendees, 7 who are not part of our little community! I did not include myself in the count as I was not a player, but was simply there to be judgemental (tongue in cheek, in case you were wondering!). That is too say, you need an organizer present who will make sure everything runs smoothly and to clarify any rules questions.
We used a sort of swiss ranking system to see who played against who, but offcourse I did manipulate it a bit for round one. For one, there are no scores yet and two, it was actually random decided who played who. I only made sure that atleast in round one none of the local crowd played each other, so all new faces across from each other at the tables.

Useally in a tournament environment the players on table one are the ones on top of the ranking, but we had such a nice variety of tables that it was decided to also randomize who played at which table. The dice proofed to be a little fickle however, so Werner ended up playing all three rounds at the same place. Everyone else moved a round quite a lot though!

We also had some trophies prepared for the first three places and a wooden spoon for the last place. This in addition to the entrance fee that was distributed amongst the first three places and the price for best painted army. Note to myself, I need wome work on my writing with a paint brush!

The best painted army was judged by myself, Koen (the Golden Goblin President) and Alan (a honorary Golden Goblin who happened to stop by).
Photo's from during the tournament are included below as are the results.
I would like to end with thanking all contestants and congratulating our winners. Dylan, Stefaan, Coen and Werner.

Round 1
Stefaan F - Witse d R 
Jasper G - Coen U
Werner K - Sebastian R
Dylan C - Jasper L
Timothy J - Mats C
Benjamin S - Michiel Vdb
Kristof G - Helen W

Round 2
Michiel - Werner
Coen - Helen
Mats - Stefaan
Dylan - Witse
Timothy - Kristof
Jasper G - Jasper L
Benjamin - Sebastian

Round 3
Stefaan - Coen
Dylan - Werner
Michiel - Mats
Benjamin - Jasper L
Helen - Timothy
Jasper G - Kristof
Sebastian - Witse

Final results (VP is tie breaker)
Name Points VP
Dylan 85 61
Stefaan 85 54
Coen 60 34
Werner 60 23
Benjamin 55 56
Mats 55 44
Timothy 55 36
Sebastian 45 44
Jasper L 45 37
Michiel 45 35
Helen 45 18
Jasper 40 32
Witse 16 18
Kristof 15 5

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