Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Little review: white undercoat

Army Painter Matt White and Citadel Corax White:

In the past I used Skull White from Citadel. Because I use the varnish from Army Painter (Anti Shine Matt Varnish), I've given the primer from Army Painter a chance.

The last couple of weeks I had some problems with the Army Painter undercoat: either it was to thick or to thin. Then I had heard, you have to shake a lot, 20 cm distance,... I gave it a try and its better. But you sill have to find the right balance.

This week I bought the new Citadel version of Skull White: Corax white:

As you can see, if you compare it with the pictures below where a miniature is painted with the Army Painter, the white is not that bright. The coverage is little bit better with the Citadel basecoat and I have to think less when using the Citadel version. So I personally prefer Citadel.

In the future I want to give the Vallejo primers a try.

Glad to hear your thoughts!

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