Sunday, September 27, 2020

Scouring of the Shire Campaign: part I

The start of a new campaign!
With my Hobbit army completed at the beginning of the year; my friend Jasper and I decided to start the Scouring of the Shire campaign. In the coming months we hope to play through all the Shire scenario's. Jasper will be commanding Sharkey's forces and I will defend the Shire.

Due to Covid we have to play from home, so we will have to improvise some of the scenery. Also, as I still have to paint up some ruffians, we will proxy in some Uruk Scouts as they match mostly in the team.

Game 1: Skirmish in Bree

Ruffians charging in at the villagers:
The game went like a rollercoaster. The good side got the advantage early on by killing the first two invaders. As casualties began to fall on both sides victory was near for the villagers. In the end only Bill Ferny stood left surrouned by men and hobbits from Bree. With a precise blow he killed one of his enemies turning the tables and achieving victory for evil.

Good 0 - 1 Evil

Game two: The ruffians arrive

Encouraged by their victory at Bree three more ruffians joined the cause. Holfoot and Robin assembled their forces to hold of the invaders and defend the Brandywine bridge. 

The hobbits made use of the bottleneck the bridge provided and threw every stone they could find with great effect, knocking out the first wave of invaders. The remaining ruffians led by Bill Ferney renewed the assault but with little effect. The hobbits were victorious!

Good 1 - 1 Evil

Game 3: Maggot's farm

Due to the loses at the Brandywine the ruffians changed tactics and tried sneaking their forces into the Shire. But they still have to get past by Maggot's farm. Luckely Grip, Fang and Wolf were just fed so they ran a bit around the yard, never interested in exploring the forrest around them. The ruffians made good use of this luck and started running toward the western boardedge. Only when they reached the hedges the alarm was raised. Farmer Maggot came out of his house and together with his doges they managed to run three ruffians of their property. A draw!

Good 1 - 1 Evil

Game 4: The old Mill

Ted Sandyman sold his mill to 'the chief' to knock it down en construct some new buildings for the ruffians. Some brave Hobbits resisted and try to defend the mill and it's legacy.
The ruffians swooped in and once again felt how efficient a well thrown stone could be. Seeing the first three ruffians fall down the Hobits got overconfidant. They charged in but were quickly overcome by the stronger ruffians. An evil victory!

Good 1 - 2 Evil

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