Saturday, January 31, 2015

Desktop update January 2015

Hello everyone

Here's my desktop update for January 2015:

I've mainly been working on my Rohan project but also started with Radagast the Brown on Sleigh.

I started with Radagast the Brown on Sleigh because I really like this miniature(s). After cleaning and preparing the miniature (New project: Radagast the Brown on Sleigh), I started with the 'rhosgobel' rabbits.

When I decided to participate in MV's Bananalicious Painting Contest 2 I changed my focus to Meriadoc because he's one of the entries. The model is almost finished but I'm going to create a socket (first time ever) to put him up.

While painting Meriadoc, I also finished my first Warrior of Rohan and almost finished the other three.

I also prepared 4 other Warriors of Rohan and Eowyn is ready to start with because she's an entry for the MV's Bananalicious Painting Contest 2.