Thursday, January 15, 2015

Elite armies of mordor

My old passion: Elite armies of mordor. These guys are really enjoyable to paint. Just a few drybrushes and highlights are needed to make them look good.  Totally different from the galadhrim who need much more attention to fine details. I batchpainted these guys, and it took me 40 minutes for every figure. Galadhrim normally take me 90 minutes, so I was amazed by the speed. Actually pretty logical as you only need to paint metal and black 90% of the time with these guys.

Black numenoreans, they look cool, but the guys with swords up tend to have the problem that their swords break off. And they are a little bit too small for pinning.

Black guard with the command set. I really love the look of these guys becaues of the huge shields they carry. Looks verry impressive to me.

Next up: ent, eagle, radagast on eagle, tauriel and mirkwood rangers!