Thursday, January 15, 2015

One game to rule them all

Tonight I played a special battle. It was the first one with my girlfriend (hopefully not the last). I made up 2 forces: galadhrim and mordor. I tried to make it as easy as possible and explained all at the time she needed to know it. And she did great for her first game!

My mordor force consisted of 33 orcs, 9 mordor uruk-hai, grisnakh, captain, shagrat and kardush the firecaller. Shagrat is the leader.

Her galadhrim force is my standard competitive force and consisted of 15 shields, 10 bow+spear, 4 guard of the galadhrim court, a stormcaller, rumil and thranduil. With thranduil the leader.

The scenario was to the death.
starting positions:

After a 3 turns of shooting, she had killed 5 mordor uruk-hai and 4 orcs. Then I got to her and recieved a natures wrath of thranduil. I saved it by resisting with grisnakh throwing a 6. Then she did thesame with the stormcaller. All 3 will used, and she got a natural 6. So she got her will back from the special rule. I threw a 1 with shagrat. So most of my force went to the ground. Result: another mordor uruk hai, 5 orcs and shagrat dead. She killed him in 1 turn with thranduil and 2 galadhrim court. There was really nothing I could do to save him. 

Death pile after the first turn of combat:

After that turn, she kind of did thesame to my other flank. Stormcaller threw a 6 again for nature's wrath, and I failed to resist. That was the last bit of my force standing up. Result:

We didn't fight out that turn because she had to go. But it was pretty obvious after only 1 turn of combat. Well, needless to say that I lost big time, and that she liked it a lot! So there will probably be a next time :D

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